National Executive Committee

 National Enrolment Secretary

Marie Daly

National Enrolment Secretary

Contact Address:
c/o IPA Office, 13 Iona Drive, Glasnevin, Dublin 9


To become a member of the Section Ireland of the International Police Association (IPA) the applicant must either be a serving or retired member of An Garda Siochana. He/She must complete the relevant application form, supply 2 passport-type photographs and undertake to obey the Constitution and Rules of Section Ireland.

Serving members, must sign an Authorisation to the Accountant, Department of Justice, for the deduction at source from salary, of the membership subscription of €0.95 per week.

Retired members must sign a similar Authorisation to the Paymaster General, for the deduction at source from pension, at half the price per month of serving members subscription. The authorisation is part of the application form.

Foreign police personnel who come to live in Ireland after retirement and who were members of IPA in the country in which they had served, or who wish to become a new member of IPA, should apply to the Branch, Regional or National Enrolment Secretary where he/she resides, for membership of the Ireland Section of IPA. Such membership may only be granted by the NEC. The subscription rate is the same as that for retired members of the Garda.

All members may elect Branch Committees biennially. Branch Committee members may, at biennial ARC, elect candidates to the Regional Committee. Each branch has a maximum of seven votes. Delegates to NC(who must be Regional members) may elect duly nominated candidates to NEC. All Branch members may attend annual Branch AGM. Only seven members of each Branch Committee may vote at ARC, but any Branch member may attend the ARC. Only duly appointed Delegates and Observers may attend NC, but other members or guests may be present with the consent of the President, or chairman.

New members are issued a membership card bearing their photograph and the official stamp of the Association. They also receive a copy of the IPA Ireland Guide containing the Constitution and Rules of Association, the IPA Ireland Diary and a copy of IPA Journal each month. Membership cards must be validated annually by affixing a levy stamp in the space provided. This stamp is issued with the IPA Ireland Guide annually.

Membership has many benefits such as participation in the activities of the Association both nationally and internationally. Travel is subsidised and IPA accommodation is available at attractive terms in many of the 62 countries having IPA Sections. Hobbies, such as pen friends and IPA Amateur Radio are available to all members. Youth exchange between Sections is well developed.

IPA is the world’s largest Police Club, having 267,598 members.

Membership has its obligations:
  • members are expected to maintain the good name of the Association

  • help all members either by advice or practical assistance where necessary

  • promote toleration and peace through cultural, professional and social contacts

How to enrol as a member of IPA:
Obtain, complete and sign in two places an Enrolment Form from any Branch or Regional Enrolment Secretary or any Committee member. Or simply click on the printable version of the Form below. Return your completed form to the National Enrolment Secretary.

Printable Version of IPA Membership Form

In case of difficulty contact the National Enrolment Secretary.