Dublin City North

Region 1

North Central Division DMR 'Bridewell',
Northern Division DMR 'Santry',
Western Division DMR (part of), Balbriggan District

Regional Secretary - Aidan Curtin

Dublin City

The vikings were the first to settle in Dublin and in recent years old Norse Settlements are being excavated in the vicinity of Christchurch with old city walls, dwellings and artifacts being uncovered. It is also the city of Joyce, Swift, Yeats, Wilde, O’Casey, Beehan, Beckett etc.

It's Georgian streets are now being restored to their former glory that carried its title “Dublin's Fair City”.

Dublin has over one million inhabitants and is Ireland's capital and straddles the river Liffey. It was made famous as “Anna Livia Plurabella” in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. The Vikings called the place "Dubh Linn" (black pool) but the gaelic name is "Baile Atha Cliath", (the town of the ford of hurdles).

It is not surprising that the city has produced so many writers as it is full of characters, its inhabitants are a mixture of city dwellers and country folk. A true Dubliner is one who is born between the two canals, the Royal and the Grand canal. Only they can lay claim to Lineage with the Fishmonger herself "Molly Malone", Dublin's favourite song..."... In Dublin's Fair City, where the girls are so pretty"